Get Your Own Auction Site Build Your Business

Why An Auction Site?

Take control of where you sell.  Auctions can turn over products, increase cash flow,  and help you to increase volume. Stop relying on other platforms for all of your income.  A single change to a platform and you could be losing money overnight.  Build something that has value. You own it.  You run it.  You set the rules.

Why Not An Online Store?

Simple. Auctions create an excitement with your customers.  They are virtually fighting over your stuff!  With auctions bidders often times develop a sense of ownership right from the first bids. You are affecting your customers with this format.  Playing on senses of competition, reward, thrill, ownership, rarity, and habit.  You will be hard pressed to do this in a normal online store.  But we include a store with this!

Who Should Have An Auction Website?

Many businesses could benefit and some you might not even expect.  Resellers, pickers, pawn shops, liquidators, antique stores, and vintage shops can really take off!  Organizations, charities, artists, DIY’ers, and crafters could also do well with an auction site.  If you do volume or have unique items you should be checking this out.  Even local charity events can open up nationally on this platform.


Before you even list your first item, the development of this platform has been proven.  Take a moment and check out the example site link in the menu bar.  It works!

Contact Us Now!

We are here to answer any questions you have.  This is not available anywhere else. Starting your auction site a day earlier is an extra day’s worth of customers.